“Standing Mobility Solution” for


The Solus is self-propelled and designed for persons with above or below the knee amputations. Permitting the user to once again “stand tall” and move about in a vertical position without the aid of a wheelchair, walker, or prosthetic.  No more “looking up” to others!  


The freedom of standing and using the Solus provides “eye to eye” contact by the user, and allows a new life of independence with a mental boost for an injured body.

“Mobility From A Better Perspective”

46 days after amputation

Before the Solus

The Solus may benefit the user in many of the following areas:
  1. BulletRegain independence

  2. BulletAid in balance recovery

  3. BulletRestore muscle mass

  4. BulletBuild stamina

  5. BulletMaintain dignity

  6. BulletSafe evening trips to the bathroom... no “hopping.”

  7. BulletCompact and easily loads into a car or van without the need of a lift assist.

  1. BulletHelp to increase cardiopulmonary function

  2. BulletAllow the user to perform normal activities  when their prosthetic is not available.

  3. BulletDiabetic patients could freely maneuver the     Solus with an uninjured foot and use it as a “cross-over” if amputation was needed.

  4. BulletUse of the Solus could eliminate the costly remodel of homes with narrow doorways and halls.

  5. BulletProvide freedom / increase self-sufficiency

The word “solus” is of Latin origin meaning “alone or unaccompanied”

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“U.S Patent No. 7,980,572”